Oak Bay Provincial Park


Suitable for Swimming
No Swimming Advisory
Beach Closed

Most Recent Conditions

Advisory Date Beach Status
2023-10-11 Data unavailable
2023-09-21 No Swimming Advisory due to sample result
2023-09-16 No Swimming Advisory due to sample result
Sample Collection Date Parameter Geometric Mean 1 2 3 4 5 Units
2023-09-21 E. coli - MPN MPN/100ml
Enterococcus MPN/100ml
2023-09-20 E. coli - MPN 72.3 97 51 122 63 52 MPN/100ml
Enterococcus 40.1 41 20 85 74 20 MPN/100ml
2023-09-15 E. coli - MPN 199.0 243 160 265 175 173 MPN/100ml
Enterococcus 92.7 108 134 85 74 75 MPN/100ml

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Please note that there is a delay between the sample collection date and the posting of analytical results. This is due to the time it takes to collect the samples, send them to the lab, and complete the analysis. On occasion, the collection of all required samples may not be possible due to weather/environmental conditions, safety concerns or other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. In these situations, results will be reported in the above table as blank, and the most recently available data will be used to determine the current beach status.

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